MT 2571 93S15 0V TTLx5 100.00 OT 01 .. 1.50 01 1.7mm 90 50 2.000 01

Ident number 331667-01
Plunger actuation Extended by spring force
Measuring length 25 mm
Type of guide ball guide
Reference mark position 1.7mm
Accuracy grade 0.2 µm
Electrical connection D-sub connector, 2-row, with locking screws, with
integrated electronics, coated, male, 15-pin
Pin configuration D330978
Cable type PUR Ø 4.5 mm
Cable length 1.50 m
Output signal Square-wave signals, TTL
levels with 5-fold
Max. scanning frequency 100.00 kHz
Reference pulse width 90°
Fault detection signal for disturbance LOW
Signal period 0.400 µm
Power supply 5V+-10%
Degree of protection IP 50 (EN 60529)
Operating temperature